moving-day-02Weekends are always busy around here. Even when we’re just doing regular stuff… we’re busy. Yesterday seemed particularly busy, it wasn’t necessarily, just seemed that way I guess. First thing after chores we initiated moving day for the RCW. It was past time, but we just weren’t sure where to go. It’s always easier to move when Dustin is around because he can level the trailer in nothing flat and it takes us forever.

img_4849.jpegGetting the trailer hooked up to the truck and ready to move takes a bit of time as well… this time, however, it went relatively smoothly. They were moving across the fields in no time flat. It’s always makes me chuckle to hear the chickens go from noisily complaining about being still in the coop to absolute quiet once the trailer moves. Then, of course, there is a great deal more complaining until they get set free in their new grassy area. This time we moved them just east of the dinky house. They end up getting a bit of wind protection from the garage and the IMG_4852house (when the winds are coming from that direction), a little afternoon shade from the trees in the yard, and extra space because we used the chain link fence as their back drop.  Because they ended up with so much real estate, we also added a tractor down range so that they could have a shelter if the hawks/owls fly over.  This last photo is after everything has been set up. Look at all that pasture space! They should be exceedingly happy for a while. Yes, exceedingly.

After a much needed breakfast, we took some time to work on pasty butts. I know that we often talk about pasty butt, but it is something that we contend with every time we get new chicks.  This time we had a few more pasty butts than normal, we think it may have been because our overnight temps took a dive. We did loose one chick today, she just didn’t seem to take the travel well. It happens from time to time. Always a bit sad. Pasty butt duty took over an hour – by the time we were finished, it was 11:30, but it felt like 3pm. The only other thing we worked on that day was watering. Watering is something we do all through out the week. Depending on the section, or the plants – everything gets watered at least once a week…. somethings every other day. I suppose that classifies watering as a semi-chore; maybe a periodic chore. Gets done regardless.

Today, Sunday, is our rest day. I’m only blogging today because I completely forgot about it yesterday.  This next week is completely up in the air, but I’ll share whatever we do with you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Beautiful! Truly settling in to fall around here. Cooler evening temperatures. High today was a breezy 82°. Currently, at 6:05 p.m., it is 73°, 21% humidity, winds ssw at 7mph, 10% chance of rain, barometer at 29.82 inHg. Sunrise today was at 6:22, sunset at 5:49. Tomorrow we have a greater chance of thunder showers.

Egg Report: Friday – 21 chicken, 2 ducks.  Saturday – 26 chicken, 2 duck.  Sunday – 22 chicken, 2 duck.