Image result for weekendThe weekend has been really quite normal, apart from the winds. We did regular tasks yesterday, and some good things accomplished. The winds came up in the afternoon and all through the night, they are still here and we’re watching them tear through the property from all directions, creating little tornadoes, knowing things over and blowing trash from all over. It whistles through the drain holes in the window sills, it sounds low sonorous moans as it blows over the hollow fencing posts. It drives the chickens and the goats inside; only the ducks and the geese try to brave the buffeting.

I know that I whine about the winds a great deal, but sometimes it’s just downright scary. My folks are going through their windy times right now too – when it’s windy where they are, the electricity is turned off to cut down on wildfires created by downed power lines. they can goes days living on gas powered generator. We haven’t had to do that, but the fire threat is definitely real and, after living through two of the worst fires in California history, I’m very susceptible to the worries of winds and fires. We just watched two large fire tankers haul out the highway to Bisbee and it sets my teeth on edge.

IMG_4905Here, what gets us to worrying is that the winds have a tendency to move really large objects around like they were nothing. Today, when we went out to do chores, we noticed that the RCW had been knocked off  its jacks (for lack of a better term), pushed backwards, and twisted slightly. The east side supports where down, but we think they were what probably kept it from tipping over. Dustin helped us get it up off the tongue, back on the jacks and supported on either side. We think it happened at that huge spike at noon. That was 35 miles and hour at the house, but we often have huge whirlwinds out on fields when we have strong winds at the house. Sounds like the winds are dying down a bit more, so we’re hoping it’ll continue to get better through the night.

That’s it for the wind reports I guess. Luckily we were able to get our stuff done yesterday before they really kicked in. Sue bought straw bales to help with the small tractor out in the field – just in time too. We went to Jem’s Feed an helped ourselves to some nice pallets from their pile of freebies. We’ll try to do that a few times a month until we get enough to take a part and line the inside of the coop. It’ll be nice with the reclaimed wood inside. It’s one of those ongoing projects. We’ll provide updates occasionally. Until then, as always – thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Well – most of the info you can find above. As to the specifics. Our high today was 78°. Currently, at 7:00 p.m., it is 66° ans 26% humidity. Barometric pressure is 29.78 inHg… going down a bit. Sunrise was at 6:33, sunset at 5:35.

Egg Report: Well… let’s save that for Tuesday.