overYou know the days and nights are a great deal colder now and I really thought that snake season would be over. BUT IT’S NOT! At least not going by the happenings of today! Things have been a bit slow around here, what with the all the wind, so let me tell you what happened today.

Tuesdays I work on the books at church, my friend Nicole is the Church Administrator who is generally there too. Today the Sierra Vista Community Chorus was rehearsing and a young man came in the office, very agitated – “There’s a snake in the Sanctuary!!!” Yes, there was, a very newly born rattlesnake. It was hiding in the cords on the floor right behind where Sue plays the keyboard for the 2nd service’s praise band. So, we called and got some help to remove it… no more little snake.

A few hours later, Nicole went to pick up her son at school and she sent me a text once she got there, “Rattlesnake at school… late release!” Definitely not over. We couldn’t find out how long “rattlesnake season” is, other than mating season is from June through August, so I supposed we could still see some more snakes around here. Sue has seen a rat snake a couple of times, but it certainly wasn’t a baby. We’ll just keep tracking the sightings a letting you know.

fall musciJust as an update, things are progressing towards our concert on Sunday. Sue has been weed-whacking where she can and we’re just sprucing up here and there. We’re trying to to let people know where they’re coming and what type of property we have… sometimes it’s difficult to get people to dress down. We have quite a few elderly people that we don’t want to fall, but they are the mostly likely to dress like they’re going to a concert at the symphony hall. We will get through this with zero injuries. 🙂

Not sure what we’ve got going on for Wednesday and Thursday, but I’ll see what I can share. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Today’s high was 74° and it was quite windy. Currently, at 7:08 p.m., it is 61° with 21% humidity. Wind has been gusting upwards of 25 mph, right now we’re around 7 mph out of the wsw. Barometric pressuer is at 29.82 inHg. Sunrise today was at 6:34 and sunset at 5:33.

Egg Report: I owe you several days’ worth of egg reports, so here goes…
Friday – 22 chicken, 3 duck. Saturday – 16 chicken, zero ducks. Sunday – 21 chicken, zero duck. Monday – 18 chicken, 5 duck. Tuesday – 22 chicken, zero ducks.  Those ducks keep hiding their eggs in a different places, takes us a couple of days to find them. Luckily the weather has been cold enough that we don’t need to worry about them too much, I’ll keep them for our use though.