watch-liveI had a change of program this week, switched my Monday and Tuesday work schedule around, and I haven’t been the same since. I probably should have posted on Monday, but that would have been odd all around. Here is the makeup post for this week :).

I think it’s funny that our blog site is – and we’ve had our first “live” event recently, so we were truly Wing and a Prayer, Live! It is abundantly clear that we need to work on our Live stuff… we had to use my phone, because my laptop wouldn’t get a wifi signal for some reason, and our signal is spotty to begin with. Our signal booster died, so I need work on an upgrade for that. We had one live “watcher” (thanks Christy W.!) and then 29 other views. If you didn’t get the opportunity to tune in, don’t worry because you’ll now be inundated with photos and videos and the Facebook link today!

We had a great time with several of our neighbors, choir members, and Ray the mover in attendance. Gus had his outdoor debut, and did a good job. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed the pot luck finger foods shared by everyone and enjoyed making new friends. A few adventurous souls ventured out into the animal areas as we closed up and had fun visiting goats, herding chickens in, picking pomegranates, and watching the sunset. I’m going to post photos here that were taken by others, as well as their donated videos. At the very end is the Facebook Live event in its entirety… it is sometimes difficult to hear the piano, but the voices seem to come through quite well. Here we go…. our media post.


The crowd begins to gather.

concert 1

There are neighbors visiting, pianists conferring, and attendees studying the program.

Concert 2

Guests take their seats as the concert begins.

concert 3

Monica (our neighbor and resident piano technician – she was able to fix the pedals a few hours before we began) starts us off with “Home on the Range”

Do you like my plant back drop? I thought it’d look pretty with a bunch of live plants behind the piano… I decided it ended up looking like a yard sale – we kept them there anyway.

After Dorothy and Sue played several great 4 hand pieces, Gus took the bench and kept us on the edge of our seats.

concert 4

We continued on with much fun and merriment.

The Adventuresome few.

Below is the concert in its entirety. I want to thank our friend Nicole (whose handsome son is king of the mountain above) for holding my phone the whole time! She did great 🙂 All of the above videos, along with others I’ve posted in the past and one never before seen video of Sue playing the piano right after its delivery, are available on my YouTube channel, here.  If you want to watch the live event from our Facebook page, you can do so here. Our Facebook page is public, and you do not need to have an account to explore everything we’ve go going on there.

IMG_4923We want to thank everyone who attended and found themselves having fun anyway! And I want to thank Nicole, Mary, Mary and Elise for sharing their photos and videos. Holly’s little one, Jack, had such a good time, he didn’t want to go home; he sat on the back porch steps and gave his mom his “sad, sad face”. Hope everyone else had as good a time as he did!
And – that’s a wrap!

We might be sharing some other things later on in the week – like the weather report and egg count etc… until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!