deal.jpgYou know, we have so many creatures out here. We respect them all, and we enjoy watching many of their capers here, even if the birds and squirrels rob us of our chicken food. The hawks bide their time until they can catch the guard geese off duty; the coyotes wait for the electricity to go out, so they can get past the fences, but here’s the deal….

We have enough of our own little critters – we do not need any more. I understand that it’s sometimes difficult to trap and kill those creatures that you don’t want hanging around your place, but if you are using “have-a-heart” traps because you want to relocate, do not relocate them to our neck of the woods. I found a lady doing just that with a huge squirrel yesterday. I politely asked her to not release near this area, and I said, “If you don’t want it, the chances are that we, nor anyone else, want it either.” She was really ticked at me. I asked her to please find an area without so many houses and animals around, she sniped “Well, I don’t want to drive for 50 miles!”

I think, though, that what she may not have understood, was that she was most likely dooming her creature to an early death. She was releasing it near sunset, in an area that it was completely unfamiliar with; he had no home, no idea where it would be safe. The owls were fast coming out; it had very little chance. I’m just asking that, if you are trying to catch and release in order to be humane about pest control, then you should really research your entire strategy before you get with the releasing part.

Guess that’s the end of my rant, for today. Don’t forget, this Saturday is the Swan Song concert… I’m still hoping to do a Live event, but if that doesn’t work, at least I’ll have a recording of it! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Our high today was 79°. Currently, at 7:41 p.m., it is 51° with 22% humidity. Winds are ENE (which is really weird for us) at 4 mph. Barometric pressure is really rising: 30.058 inHg. We’re looking at an overnight low of around 32°. Today the sunrise was at 6:36, sunset at 5:31.

Egg Report: Wednesday 20 chicken, 2 duck. Thursday 19 chicken, 1 duck.