IMG_4955Today we had time for a little project this morning, after chores (and a few sips of coffee). Our littles need to be moving down and out to make room for the new littles coming soon. For a while now Sue has wanted to put a door that goes directly to the bottom brooder so that we can let them have their own indoor/outdoor access without the biggies chasing them. So, we did the very first steps today.

FullSizeRender - 2019-11-12T190111.825That first step is the little door. You can see it outlined on the siding in the photo above. That little hole to the right is an honest to goodness mouse hole. Amazing what they can get through. It gets covered, inside and out.  Anyway – luckily Dad had brought out a jig saw last Christmas, so Sue pulled that out to put it to use. Dustin came over and showed us how it was done. Hole was cut, braces were added to the inside, Sue finished it up and installed the door, gave them a little ramp to get in and out. Lastly the bottom brooder was made up with fresh straw, heat lamp, etc and we moved the little guys.  Boy! FullSizeRender - 2019-11-12T190057.711they can sure jump. Took us forever to catch each of them. They were a bit shaken, but soon settled down in their basement apartment. We hooked up the ceramic heat light, since we’re trying to wean them of the heat lights. However, this evening when I went to close up everyone, they were all in a pile at the front of the brooder, so I  moved down another light for them. They are fully feathered and are more than old enough to be away from the lights, so we’ll just have to get them used to being on their own some how.

Next step will be adding another smaller enclosure inside the run. Just like the small enclosure that the banty teens are in now. That’ll give them some time to grow up and also get used to being around the biggies and getting used to them. They’re doing quite well, actually. That’s it, for today anyway.  When we get the enclosure up, we’ll share that with you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: It was a rather cold day today. High was only 62°. Mostly clear all day. Currently at 7:35 p.m. it is 50°, 33% humidity, barometric pressure 30.08 inHg, wind is out of the east at 7mph. Sunrise today was at 6:46 and sunset was at 5:22.

IMG_4953Fun photo: Today’s fun photo comes from this morning’s feeding. Everyone loves broccoli.