sacrificeOh no! It has officially become “that time of year”. That time of year when we make a huge personal sacrifice so that our customers can continue to purchase fresh eggs. WE BUY THEM! Can you believe that???

IMG_4967So, here’s the backstory. We have eggs for breakfast, most mornings. The eggs we use are the “checks”. Checks are the eggs that don’t quite make the cut for selling, but are better than those eggs we put aside to cook for the dogs, e.g.: our eggs might have slight cracks in them, but they haven’t cracked all the way through the shell. Just because of the chance of contamination. Anyway, we put those eggs in the carton marked “Ours to IMG_4968eat,” “Checks”. Everyone who has spent time at our house knows, you take the eggs from the fridge before you take them from the counter. Sue pulled the checks out of the fridge to make breakfast in the morning and I hear, “There aren’t any eggs!!!!” OH NO! So, we sifted through the fresh eggs on the counter and found some that I wouldn’t sell and we were able to have breakfast PHEW! But what about dinner? We had a friend coming over for dinner and I wanted to make a frittata. I IMG_4964decided to break down and purchase eggs while I was at Walmart picking a couple of other things. THEY WERE OUT OF ORGANIC~ had to settle for cage free (which we all know by now is really a ridiculous label). Bought two dozen because dinner recipe calls for a full dozen on its own.  I know you really don’t believe me about this, so here is as much proof as I can give you. Carton of Cage Free Eggs. That’s fresh Thyme from the herb garden in front. I cracked the dozen eggs, added the cup of milk and poured it over the frittata ingrediants… wasn’t enough. Now, this is usually a recipe I make using duck eggs – but even the ducks have been slacking lately. I ended up IMG_4965stealing two more fresh eggs to make enough to fill the skillet. I forgot to take a photo when it came out of the oven, so I’ll have to share the one taken while half way through assembly. I think it is one of the best I’ve made. We started using Lisa Steele’s (Fresh Eggs Daily) Sausage and Sweet Potato Frittata recipe and then just kept changing it until we got it to where we liked it. This time, along with adding zucchini from the garden, we added some spinach to help keep it moist and everyone really thought it worked. I filled in between the zucchini with a thick layer of spinach, toppped that with a layer of cooked sweet Italian sausage, and then poured the egg with the sage over the top of that. Bake for 45 min at 450° and you have a great complete, one skillet meal. Yum!

Anyway, I’m going through this whole huge explanation, so you can see that – sometimes – we have to make adjustments to try and keep our customers happy; we still don’t succeed sometimes. Right now, our friend and constant supporter, George, wants duck eggs and chicken eggs… we only have 4 duck eggs and I can only give him a dozen medium sized eggs. Luckily – no one else  is asking for any. That’s just how it goes in the winter months. I don’t even know if we’ll be able to get a full 5 dozen for Tom the Baker by Wednesday. The struggle is real, people!

This post was supposed to be for Thursday, it’s the day I was making the frittata, but by the time we were done entertaining – and I’d finished my second Manhattan – I wasn’t fit for anything but shower and bed. Then, I totally forgot about it yesterday because I don’t blog on Fridays any more. So you’re getting it today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do the post about today and share some cute photos of chickens and such. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: I believe it was a nice day today. For reasons I’ll share later, we were indoors almost the entire day today. Just out long enough for morning chores and then to put everyone up in the evening. We roped Dustin in to doing afternoon chores so we could attend a class. I think it was nice. Partly cloudy, no wind.

Egg Report: Thursday – 20 chicken, 3 duck.  Friday – 17 chicken, 0 duck.  Saturday –  18 chicken, 1 duck.

Fun Photo: Here is a shot of Vicente visiting down at the Dinky House and slowly making friends with Thor.