keep-calm-we-re-back0Ok, I’ve been on hiatus since Thanksgiving… I know, sorry about that. Some things went on, plus other stuff took my attention. Back now – as much as I ever am.  Still, this is going to be a relatively short post, just to share a few photos and such. We’ll go down the days until we get back to present. Thursday was Thanksgiving… hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends, maybe a turkey or something else that suits your fancy. We decided to do a turkey and it was delicious! I had never cooked using a bag before, but I will do that again! Moist and delicious. Using a pound of rosemary/sage butter helps as well!

Friday started out interestingly enough. The storm that had been threatening all week arrived with a vengeance. And then we lost power. Thanks to the hardworking men from SSVEC (that’s our electric company), it was only out for two hours. The rain raged on, but the wind died down. Mom and I took a trip into town and hit Hobby Lobby and Walmart! On black Friday even. But it wasn’t that bad, mostly because people were afraid of the weather, I think. Sue and Dad had a great day of watching football.

Saturday, Mom and I took a trip up to Tucson and visited Civano nursery. We went for a Christmas tree and a few other things. We found a 6ft live tree for the price we paid for our 3 foot live tree last year. By live, I mean still growing, in a pot, with roots and everything. It is a nice Elderica pine that we’ll add to the tree line after Christmas. Nice. Sue and Dad had a great day of watching football.

img_5096.jpgSunday was church. We went to lunch at Culver’s so Dad could have his favorite onion rings. That was our highlight.

Monday, Mom and Dad went back home. Dad wanted me to take a photo of he, Mom and Sue to post… so here ya go. Sue was doing chores and I was just helping them get everything together. The only food they took for the journey was a bag of mixed nuts and some oreos. They didn’t stop for lunch at all. Left here at 7am and got home at 3:30 California time. Nice going, folks!

FullSizeRender - 2019-12-05T170936.150Tuesday dawned partly cloudy and with no red for a sailor’s forewarning. Sue took the time to clean off the goats’ sleeping platform because they had been spending so much time up there during the storm that they peed on all their straw bedding, etc. They do that rather willy nilly, all over everything. Now they can start all over again.

Tuesday evening Alexis and I went up to Tucson to see “Jesus Christ Superstar” – it was quite good actually. However, I ended up eating something that made me quite sick and I’m only just now starting to feel human again.

Due to said illness… I have absolutely no idea what went on Wednesday. I think it rained on and off. Ummmm… Sue went to choir rehearsal in the evening.

FullSizeRender - 2019-12-05T170550.676Today, Dustin started in cutting down the dead tree in the yard. We were happy to have it there, but when it cracked apart in the last storm, something had to be done about it. Dustin began cutting up the half that had fallen. Not sure if he is going to cut down the remaining part or not. It is rather rotten on the inside, so it was only a matter of time before it fell. At least it did it at night when the chickens were all abed. Speaking of chickens, at some point this week, Sue started giving the Cuckoo’s access to the general population, while keeping their ability to escape from the same population as needed. They seem to be getting more and more brave. Soon they’ll be full time coop dwellers. We’ll also soon be moving the banty hens in with the pond banties to begin their new lives. Roosters are going to stay in the green house for a time.

That’s all there is folks. We’ll see you back here in a few days. It’s time for bed and we’ll catch you up on eggs and weather another day.
Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.