block wallIt’s been a long time since I’ve been in this particular spot. I have hit a block wall this week. Generally I can work through it and come up with something to write about, but if you could see into my brain, you would see something that looks exactly like the photo at the left. We’ve kind of been hunkering down for the winter and the holidays. Busy with so many things, but feeling like we’re running around in circles. We’ve been enjoying amazing sunrises and sunsets and have tried to share them with you on our Facebook page, and some here. I’m afraid, all I have for you are photos.

Today we lost another hen. An older hen, from the main coop. Last week we lost one of the new cuckoos. Times of extreme weather conditions (hot, cold, heavy continuous rain, dry winds), they seem to challenge the chickens and we always loose a few more. Never an easy thing.

IMG_4943We still have things that make us laugh every day. To see Vicente come running down the trail in the afternoon to get his first taste of scratch and some snuggles is the cutest thing in the day. To watch how the hens and the goats get along with each other, is fun as well. Each morning Vicente is feeling his oats, but the littlest hen with him doesn’t appreciate his affections, so she harbors with the goat boys as they eat their morning grains. Earlier this week I captured a photo of the black Sexlink taking refuge on Scooby’s back… I laugh when I see that because the goats never stop eating. I suppose they’re just used to it now.

I think I’ll just leave you with the latest sunrise photo. It’s the beautiful hope that God gives us every morning.