snowflakeWe’ve had some amazingly low temperatures the last few days. Yesterday was the coldest by far 29°, if I remember correctly. We warmed up a couple of degrees today. I’m talking about morning temperatures. Today we warmed up into the high 60’s! The next few days will remain a bit cold and then Christmas eve we’re in for a bit of rain… maybe snow if it doesn’t get too warm. The cold gives us some issues that we hadn’t really thought about before.

We already know that egg production goes way down in the winter… we’re still getting some eggs from the girls, but yesterday we found an interesting new issue that had never happened before. Eggs were frozen! Not in the coop, but in the tractor where Renata’s girls and Mr. P live. The chickens can handle the cold, as long as they are dry. They can also handle the wet, as long as they aren’t cold. So, we’ve really sealed up the tractors to keep rain water out – and they are quite cozy. Back to the eggs. They must have been laid after we picked up in the afternoon, so they sat in their little nest by the wall all night. They were quite frozen in the morning. The day before, Sue found a frozen duck egg, it had cracked it’s shell, so we just had to count it lost. The three frozen one’s from Renata’s girls we put in the fridge and we’ll cook them for the dogs’ breakfasts over the next few days.

every day farmSo funny how we keep coming up with new little speed bumps and then finding ways over them. Isn’t that how life is. And here we have it, in minutia, every day. Farms are life in practice. Metaphors escape me at this time of night. Perhaps if you know me, you know what I’m driving at. Anyway – that’s what I’ve got for tonight. We”ll try to be back on Saturday – until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: We’ve rather covered that. I can tell you that right now, at 7:41 p.m., it is 43°(feels like 37°), zero percent chance of snow, winds out of the nnw at 6 mph, overnight low is predicted to be 27°. Sunrise today was at 7:15, sunset at 5:21.

Egg Report: Thursday- 13 chicken, 2 duck, zero goose.