unexpectedYes, today is Sunday. Yes, we usually don’t post at all on Sundays. I know; it’s unexpected. Unexpected has rather been our watch word lately. When I was searching for the title image, I kept running across images that said “Expect the unexpected”. How does one do that? if you expect it, then it is no longer unexpected. Am I right? I much preferred the phrase that our Pastor used today in the title of his Message, “Unexpect the Expected”.  I think God has been quietly and repeatedly trying to teach us this on the farm, lately.

What has gotten me to think about this today is, our goose has suddenly begun laying eggs. What?! Yep. In the deep midwinter. This is… unexpected. Some of our chickens, who had been on their winter hiatus, have started to lay again as well. Unexpected. What we would normally expect is that the goose would not lay until spring, and that the chickens’ egg production would continue to decline until after the winter solstice, when the days again begin to get longer. We have come to unexpected the expected in that regard.

Sue is excited about getting some goose eggs, because she wants to try an incubate them. The little that Roma sat last year, wasn’t nearly  enough to hatch anything, so we don’t really trust her to go the distance. When Sue looked at getting more goslings from the hatcheries, they were $25 each. That was unexpected! Quite a bit more than when we ordered the first two.

img_5123.jpgWe were talking about the oddity of goose eggs in the winter, and Sue commented that there were quite a few unexpected events recently. The weather for one. We had some very late rains in the fall this year and, at the time of our conversation, we hadn’t yet experienced the horribly hard fall winds. Both of those things were quite unexpected. As of yesterday, though, the winds have made their appearance. Didn’t stop these little spring flowers from growing in a protected area of the Dinky House garden. Their a little blurry because I was trying to snap them this morning in the wind. They shouldn’t be growing now, but there they are… unexpectedly.

IMG_5132On a final note, our unexpectedly inexpensive 6 foot live Christmas tree, has been brought in the house and is sporting its newest bangles. For the next couple of weeks we’ll do our best to keep it watered and happy.  Then it will be added to the wind break tree line to the mid south of the property. Right now, I think it has a bit of an old-fashioned look to it. Quite natural, as it hasn’t been grown and shaped into the “perfect” tree. It’s rather refreshing, for a change.  Merry Christmas! Until the next time, as always~
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Today’s Weather: Windy. High was about 72°.  Currently, a 6:28 p.m., it is 56°. Supposedly, it is going to get down to 29° overnight. Not sure I believe that. We’ll see tomorrow. Sunrise today was at 7:12 and sunset was at 5:19.

Egg Report: Even with a few of the chickens getting back to laying, we had a sum total of 10 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs. C’est la vie.