2020Here we are. The end of another decade; unbelievable. This particular evening finds us both rather under the weather- Sue more so than – so we are home watching a marathon of Mission Impossible¬†movies. It started raining, out of the blue this evening, so we’re pretty well in for the night – after we tuck in the chickens anyway. We’ll probably be in bed by 9pm, so we’re wishing you a happy new year right now!

akasoWhile I blog and we watch Ethan Hunt save the free world from the Syndicate, I’m also researching my newest toy that Sue gifted me on Christmas. This is what I had hope to use for today’s blog post, but I just haven’t had the brain power to get it all going yet. This is like a “Go-Pro” camera, but it doesn’t have the extremely high price tag (which is perfect for me). I’ve read the reviews and it is a solid piece of work, and the underwater shots seem to be crystal clear, which is great for the desert! I just think that’s funny. The waterproof casing will be great to have during Monsoon season. Sue also purchased this huge pack of accessories: different helmet mounts, head and chest gear, water use mounts etc. Nice! I’ve downloaded the user manual, now I just have to figure out how everything works. Maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow on our down day. We’ll see how well I do, sometime in the future.

IMG_5164Here is our final day of 2019, of the decade. This is how it opened for us this morning. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve already seen this from the post this morning. “The sun has dawned on the final day of 2019.” Red skies in the morning, sailor’s fore warning. It was true this time, we ended up with rain. The rest of that goes, “red skies at night, sailor’s delight.” So what does it mean if the skies are blue at night. Well, it means that it’s stormy. This is how the last day closed on us today. The storm was traveling from the north west to the south east. This photo is looking south east into Mexico. The mountain is one we affectionately call “Mt. Fuji”.

We’ll leave you with this view and let us know when you want to plan a visit in 2020! We’d love to see you. Until then, as always~
Thank you for reading!