stringYou’ve got to be careful when you google for images. Did you know that if you just put in the word “string” to search for images that you get a whole lot of photos of g-string underwear? Just warning you. However, I am not talking about underwear, nor string theory (which I love!), nor even about stringing words together – I’m talking about a string of not so great news lately. Just a warning, there is one graphic photo, but it’s in artsy black and white, so it won’t be too shocking. Let’s keep this one short today.

Firstly, let me start off with an update on the goose eggs. They didn’t make it. I am very sorry to say that. It seems we had a couple of infertile eggs and if they explode, then they can contaminate the others. Let me clarify. They didn’t actually explode, explode, these just cracked and began weeping, but they are categorized under the exploding egg phenomenon.  We can try again after a few months. We need to really clean out the incubator, decontaminate it, let it air out, and try again. Sue was a bit sad, but overall handled it as a learning experience.

IMG_5224Secondly, we lost another bird to predation this week. This time it was one of the Harlequin Ducks. She was in the same pen as the chicken that we lost. By the looks of things, we think it may be the same hawk. He’s found an easy lunch place and may very well be back. this photo is one Sue shot of the aftermath. She sent it to me at work (in color). It’s always hard to lose them. We’re thinking about moving them for a while, until the hawk goes elsewhere for a free lunch.

Lastly, let me just say that we are going to have to dispatch some of our extra roosters this weekend. The banty guys are just being too aggressive lately. We have about 9 birds that we’re going to process. They’ll come out about the size of Cornish hens that you buy in the store. Maybe not as meaty, but still fine for coq au vin.

IMG_5199I suppose that’s all the news. Let me just leave you with this interesting photo from this morning. We had really thick fog in the valley below us. It looked like water. It was even washing up against the mountains like waves. It was rather a peachy sunrise today. Hopefully we’ll continue with more peachy weather. We’ll catch up with you again, maybe Sunday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Rather nice actually. Not much wind, warm and sunny. After the fog burned off, it was a clear day. Our high was around 66°. Currently, at 8:17 p.m., it is 46° and we have 58% humidity, with winds out of the north at 3 mph. Sunrise today was at 7:17 and sunset was at 5:58.

Egg Report:  Wednesday – 21 chicken, 2 duck,  0 goose,  Thursday – 18 chicken, 1 duck, 1 goose.