I just wanted to do a quick recap of our processing day on Saturday. I have zero photos of that day. I think neither Sue, nor I were really wanting to do this this past weekend. Not that we were trying to put it off, but it’s different when you’re going to be processing meat birds. These were the Banty roosters, that we just couldn’t keep any longer and the male Apple duck, who was getting more and more aggressive towards Roma, the goose. So, we just had to take care of them. Sadly.

I didn’t take any photos; we were busy, and I didn’t really feel like it. We processed 8 roosters and 1 duck. As always, we learned a few things and remembered a few things which we learned previously. We remembered that, just because the birds are smaller, doesn’t make them easier to process. We remembered that, the Banty Roosters are extra fluffy and are difficult to wet all the way through as they get ready for the plucker. We learned that, if we ever need to process a duck again, we will need to pluck by hand – as we did for this one. Let me tell you, duck down is incredibly thick. It was amazing. Something new for both of us; I don’t recall processing ducks before – we must have tho’, when I was a kid.

Over all, even though we did fewer birds than normal, it was a more difficult day for us. I believe we felt the effects into Sunday morning and through the evening. It is our very least desire. Yet, it is life on the farm.

Until the next.