spring-is-in-the-airOur friend back home, Leah, has been posting photos, for weeks now, showing heralds of Spring… thought I show you Spring heralds in our garden and talk of some plantings that we hope will take off, come Spring. By the sound of things outside, you can sure tell the birds are ready for Spring. Not just our birds, but all those little wildlings that like to mooch off of the chickens. The strawberry finches are especially vocal this afternoon.

IMG_5582Yesterday was a gorgeous day! We had some rain last week and the ground is nicely wet. Sue had pre-dug a hole for a peach tree that Dustin & Alexis gave her for her birthday and then dug another hole for the rose bush mom sent her for her birthday. It was a birthday bash out in the yard!
First we planted the peach tree. Dustin picked a good one. It is blooming already! It came in the one of those biodegradable paper felt cans, so it was super easy to plant. We just hacked the very bottom off and then put it in gopher basket that I brought back from Irrigation Supply in Ramona. They seem to work great and Sue found a good source for purchasing them in bulk – for later plantings. We staked it and also added the rocks for stabilization for a short time. As we have learned, the winds are horrible to new plantings here.
IMG_5580Our next planting was the rose. Mom and Dad sent Sue an Arctic Blaze rose. Supposed to be a very fragrant rose with gorgeous red blooms. It is supposed to be hearty in the cold and in the heat. It does not look like much right now, but it did arrive as well as can be expected for a bare root rose coming through the post. I’m sure it will take root and flourish as well as the others have. Oh, and yes – all those rocks were in the hole. That’s the other crop we grow here, rocks.

There are so many signs of impending Spring… I just thought I’d share some of them with you. Here ya go.

Pretty, Yes? Enjoy.