bob the builderWe don’t have Bob the Builder working for us, but we do have Trent! My friend’s nephew lives in Bisbee and was hoping to get some extra work. If it’s one thing we have it’s extra work. I just wanted to give you a quick update on the work going on.


IMG_5572Trent has been working between rain storms, so it’s kind of been off and on, but he has all the support beams in with concrete. I tried to take a photo of the work he’s done… but it was raining when I took it and it looks like I moved around a bit. You might be able to make out the upright treated 4×4’s. They have supports on them to help them stay up through the winds that always come before the rain. He has completed both sides of the coop now and we’re waiting for the concrete to cure.

In the meantime, he has fixed our front gate! Yay! When the previous owner had the moving truck come, they totally ruined the gate and the supports on either side. Trent was able to weld the gate back together, added some supports, welded on a latch and pounded in a couple of posts for the latch to, well, latch on to. It is so great! the gate no longer drags along the ground, but I still try to lift it out of habit. We don’t have to jury-rig it to stay closed any longer. You should come and try it! Although, not having had to wrangle with it, you may not fully understand the greatness, but we’ll still give you the opportunity.

OK – that’s the quick and dirty update for today. It’s raining outside still and we just love getting the water. We’ll keep you updated on the the building as it goes along. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: In a word, stormy. Over the last 4 days or so, we’ve had a good 3+ inches of rain. It’s wonderful. Despite the rain, our high today was 65°. Currently, at 8:42, it is 52° and raining, winds from the ssw at 14 mph. Today, sunrise was at 6:32 and sunset was at 6:28.