happy-spring-donna-kennedyHello to you on this first day of Spring! After a day of pouring rain, yesterday, our day is definitely Spring like. If it were not for the persistent wind, we would have had perfect weather.

IMG_5613Today, I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on the coop progress. Trent continues to work diligently between the rainy days. His work is very precise and neat. You can tell he is an experienced woodworker just by looking at his cuts and joins. the photo above was taken Tuesday when I got home from work. He hadn’t been able to work on it for a few days because we had quite a bit of wind and rain, then Sue had to wait on an order of nuts and bolts to come in at Home Depot. It seemed odd to me that they didn’t have them, and then it took a week for them to get the order in. Just odd. Anyway – they came on Monday and Trent came to begin assembly Tuesday.

As mentioned previously, Wednesday we had heavy rains and high winds. Trent contacted Sue to say he’d be a bit late and she said, “Um, it’s starting to rain. Probably shouldn’t work today.” He texted back, “Bummer.” I believe he’s enjoying the work that he’s doing. He’s creating the coop, with guidance from Sue, without a plan and doing a bang up job! He’s being paid well and getting to work outside on his own schedule. What’s not to like!

IMG_2552This photo shows some close-up of the new work; I know it’s dark, but I forgot to take one when I got home and then putting chickens away took a bit longer than we had anticipated. Anyway, I hope you can see that he’s progressing smartly! At the end of the day today, he and Sue talked over details and specifics. We hope he continues to enjoy what he’s doing and wants to work on other construction – type projects. We’ll keep you updated along the way. Until then, as always~ Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: High today was 66° when we went out to do chores. Currently, at 6:14 p.m., it is 56° with 36% humidity with winds out of the SW at 9 mph. Our overnight low is predicted to be 33° – gonna make sure the lemon and avocado trees are covered for tonight. Sunrise, today, was at 6:23 and sunset will be at 6:31.

Egg Report: Wednesday – + 32 chicken, 3 duck.  Thursday – 36 chicken,  6 duck.