chicken fowl playSo, you’re bored enough with quarantine to check into what’s happening with the farm life, huh?! Well – welcome! I don’t think that we’re as badly affected, here, as other places, e.g.: California. Here, in our county, we have only one case of Covid-19 report and it was on Post. We are being cautious and optimistic. Our chickens are working hard to continue to provide eggs, so we had a little confab with them this afternoon. What follows is the farm’s response.

To paraphrase many tele-doc hot lines, we are experiencing a larger than normal volume of calls, read: egg orders. Because we live in a neighborhood/community of many older and compromised individuals who are unable to do shopping or if, when they do go out, are not able to get their everyday staples, we have decided to place a limit on the number of eggs that anyone can buy in a given week. The limit is one dozen per week. This will allow us to spread the egg wealth more fully throughout our community.

Yesterday we were able to sell eggs to a young family with a newborn who wouldn’t normally purchase eggs from us, but who couldn’t go into the stores because they didn’t want to expose their little one. Today we were able to sell eggs to an older couple who both have compromised health and have been out of eggs for some time. This is what we’ve been trying to provide, when needed, ever since we started this farming concept.

We will do no contact delivery or no contact pick-up at our gate if that is needed. If you have a recently limited source of income, we will run a tab for you or do a barter/exchange. We want to be able to help, but also spread the joy to all we can. We realize that this may not be met with happiness by all, but hopefully everyone can understand the thought behind the decision. The chickens were happy with the idea and promised not to fall down on the job. The goats’ response? “Yah, whatever.” They just wanted to make sure they didn’t have to give up their sweet feed.

If you have questions, please just get in touch with us. Thank you for your support, and thank you for your understanding. Rest assured, this is only a temporary measure, and we hope that all the madness will be over very soon. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!
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