coop photoSo,typing with one hand and conferencing on the cell with my other. The amazing things we are now able to accomplish from home. This is day 2 for me, working from home. The chickens are nonplussed; they say they work from home all the time with out any issues. So, what’s the big deal, they ask. Not a big deal really. I suppose.

So far, people have warmed to the idea of only purchasing a dozen eggs at a time. I think that, for the most part, everyone is beginning to turn their focus away from their own needs and turned it out to helping others. Our clients have supported the decision wholeheartedly. Not only the decision, but also the whole business, by continuing to purchase regularly. All that is good news.

The other bit of good news is that we continue to get closer and closer to warmer weather. Except for this afternoon, when a rather unexpected (except to my parents) came along. Shall I bore you with some more pretty photos? 

The Jonquils, crocus and Johnny-Jump-Ups are in the Gabion gardens; mom gifted us the bulbs… Johnnies self seeded from last year. I love this time of year! The final photo isn’t very good, I was trying to get it to show the lovely carpet of purple that has cropped up in the wetter areas. Looks really pretty when the sun shines on it. 

rainwashedJust to bring you up to date on the coop: Trent has finished the coop frame and doors. Sue has purchased the paint. I really like this color that she picked. We’re going to paint the run as well as the coop. It’s going to look GREAT! And the chickens will love it. We’ll continue to keep you updated! Until then, as always ~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Windy. Cold. Then Rainy.

Egg Report: Monday – 34 chicken, 1 duck. Tuesday – 30 chicken, 2 duck. Wednesday- 31 chicken, 2 duck. 40 chicken, 4 duck.