As everywhere, our weeks are not normal. We continue to do our every day chores and work on projects around the house as best as we can. This last week was a difficult week – we had to put down several chickens, including our much loved rooster Olaf. You may remember that he was being picked on by the goose and several others. We had placed him in the top brooder to keep an eye on him, but he did not get better. We didn’t want to have him suffer, so we put him down along with 2 hens.

One hen was the one we wrote about the last post. We were completely unable to help her. The hens were not ill, but injured. So we kept them as stewing birds. While we were processing the hen with the prolapse, we came across ooodles of undeveloped eggs; her whole cavity was filled with eggs. We had never seen anything like that before – granted, we hadn’t processed a laying hen before. However, this could explain why she had the prolapse. We do believe she had been laying double yolked eggs, one after another. Which, as earlier stated, can lead to prolapse.

The other hen had a congenital issue. And, as it turns out, was actually a rooster – as we found out during processing. Odd that. Sue said that maybe he was a confused rooster. Could happen. You just never know what’s going to be the next mystery. It is always hard to put down otherwise healthy birds, especially if you name them. We just can’t help ourselves with the Roosters. Maybe because there are so few of them.

This is a short post, sorry – but the next time I’ll bring you up to date on the burgeoning egg count as well as the construction projects. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!