2020 Easter EggsBlessings to you on this day! Today, being Sunday, and after attending to “virtual” church services this morning, I thought I’d share how God is working in our lives and helping us to share those golden nuggets with people all over the place. (Not, chicken nuggets, I mean eggs!!!) One of my Face Book friends, from High School, posted this photo of eggs today – I thought it was rather apropos of the season. I don’t know if she made them or not, but I shared it to the Wing and a Prayer Facebook page, giving her photo credit. Thought it was cute enough to share here (thanks again Cheryl).

IMG_5812When “quarantine” was really gearing up a few weeks ago, we made some changes to our regular selling habits. The majority of our eggs generally go to a baker in Bisbee – Tom the Baker, owner of Bisbee Goodcakes. We have always valued, and still do, his consistent patronage, but we were getting more and more calls for eggs and unable to supply them. You may remember: that’s when we had a meeting with the chickens. All together, we decided that we’d begin limiting all clients to one dozen per week; even then we couldn’t be sure that we would be able to fulfill all the orders we might be receiving. That’s where we were really relying on all those little chickens.

Let me tell you, God pushed them along and those little chickens are really fulfilling the need. We’ve been able to continually supply all comers. We’ve had a few new people added to the list lately, but still the egg numbers keep rising. Well, they go up and down, but the over-all trend is up! About Wednesday, we actually had eggs piling up and I was wondering if we had made the wrong decision — we just had too many eggs. Then, after delivering on Thursday, I had two more people call and ask for eggs. It was a Godsend. I’m so happy to be able to have people who want the eggs.

Also, we were able to get back together with our friend, Holly’s, friend Jamie who’s son has very specific food needs. We were able to get them some chickens for stewing and broth. He was so happy, he sent us a video. Enjoy.

I’m hoping that we continue serve a purpose for our community and that God allows us to fulfill whatever needs are put before us. Happy Easter, everyone! He is Risen – Indeed!