constructionAs promised, I’m going to update you on the construction projects. Trent sure got a whole lot done for us last week. He finished all the initial projects, and we’re hoping to have him back over time to help with the big stuff!  For now, though, his done.

What follows are photos from the build of the coop run.

Photo taken from the North-ish end of the coop, this was the day Trent finished all the supports and overheads.


This is supposed to be showing the roof line… I think Sue’s plan is to put roofing on it. She purchased panels, like you’ll see on the Feed storage bin.


Took this one to show the double doors. the one on the left is just a regular door in the closed position. The one on the right is open, but you can see that it’s a dutch door, which will allow the chickens to go in and out while still giving a good deal of protection. Of course we’re going to be putting up the wire soon, but not until after we get it all painted. We’re still waiting for the paint to come in.


This is the feed storage bin. It has lots of bells and whistles. We’re going to move the metal trash cans that hold the food into this area. It’ll be closer to the action!

Here are the bells and whistles. Left photo shows the lid raised and the doors that swing open. Top right is a really bad photo of the stop to keep the doors from blowing closed on you, and then the bottom photo shows the pins that keep the lids from getting blown open. You have to think of these things when the wind is an ever present problem.


Ok, this final photo is the new chicken coop in the Goat Boys’ enclosure. the original one was only as wide as that first brown panel on the right – we thought it’d be fine because they were only going to be in there at night, but it was very difficult to maneuver in and to keep clean etc. Now it goes all the way across the front of the lean to and to the very back. Probably enough room for  20+ chickens. But Sue’s thinking of moving all the new banties down here. We’re going to add some roosts first and hang the water and food from the rafters to, hopefully, make it more difficult for the mice to get to. They are crafty little devils tho’.

Ok, that’s the construction news. Next time we’ll do an in depth look at egg production and how we’re doing supplying people. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!