Work Ahead

There is always work going on here; you’ve probably been following us long enough to know that there are always projects in the offing, or started and waiting for parts to come in, etc. I’d like to update you on a couple that are currently in action.

IMG_2592Our amazing friend, Ron, has been working with Sue on the garage over at the Dinky House; they are hooking up a solar panel, that Sue happened to have and Ron gave a once over, to provide light in the garage. Sounds simple, but it is really involved. Ron is an electrical engineer, luckily, so he knows what the heck he is doing. He and Sue have it all set up and ready to go, waiting for a switch to come in the mail and a quiet (as in, not windy) morning to get the panel on the roof. Where Ron is working in this photo, running conduit – not knowing what else to call it – down the wall to where the battery will be housed on the floor, underneath the shelves. It’ll general enough electricity to power two lights in the garage, which will be wonderful! Especially as things warm up and the snakes come out. We go in at dusk to get sweet feed for the goats’ bed time treat and sometimes you can’t see inside well enough to make sure the way is clear. Thanks Ron!

IMG_5846The other really big project is the painting of the coop. I was hoping that, by the time it got to this point, I’d be able to be outside for more than 10 minutes without choking up and coughing for ever. Anyway – it’s not that way at the moment, but luckily (again) have amazing neighbors and friends. Our neighbors, Elise and Lance, have offered to help Sue paint the coop. This morning, when they had thought they’d be able to paint, Sue had to call it off due to wind. Elise sent this photo showing that they were all set to go, whenever Sue says the word. They are so, so sweet.

IMG_5845So, one other thing going down is… we’re getting poop! Eddie, the husband of our friend Nicole (so, also our friend) is the Captain of B Troop at the fort – they do all the Buffalo Soldier reenactments and parades etc. Anyway, he let us know that we could get horse manure from there – for just a donation to their cause. The cause being upkeep of the poop generators. 🙂  So, Eddie came this morning, picked up Sue’s truck, took it to the fort and loaded it up with horse manure, and brought it back! Here’s a quick shot of Eddie getting the lay of the land from Sue. The first few loads are destined to go in the trench that has been rather settling over the last couple of years. Once that has been filled up again, then Sue’ll ask for composted manure for the new little garden that coming together.  More on that later.

As far as work related projects, these are the three at the top of the list. Always a lot going on here, as you know! We’ll keep updating you on this, and other things, as updates warrant. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!