Farm-Life-Chicken-FarmerNot sure where to go with this today. We have various photos that I haven’t used yet for the blog. They are all cool in their own way, but not necessarily linked in any other way; other than being on the farm. Farm life, dontcha know.

Shall we see what we’ve got and I’ll do my best to explain them.
IMG_2617 (2)POOP! Let’s talk about poop. Nothing says great ground like some good ol’ horse manure. Thanks to our friend Eddie, he’s still hooking us up with poop. At a very good rate of return, actually. Sue estimates only a few more loads for the tree trench and then maybe one or two for the rectangle garden that is in the offing.  So what you’re seeing in the photo is the tree trench portion that has been filled up with partially composted poop.

IMG_2630What’s next?  Blooms! We’ve got ’em! The roses are busting out all over and it’s not even June. The photos show the following:

The gorgeous climber out front on the fence. We have these climbers at intervals along the front fence by the driveway. We’re hoping that they eventually grow large enough and cover it and make a gorgeous rose hedge.
IMG_2621The red roses at the Dinky House are also just amazing right now. They’ve bloomed each year we’ve been here, but this year they are positively prolific. And gorgeous! I’m leaving this photo big because it’s a bit dark and I want to make sure that you can see the roses. That’s why the writing is all screwed up like this. Anyhooo….

What’s next?

Cactus, succulents, or where ever they may fall in between.

IMG_2618 (1)I have a few cacti that I planted between the utility shed and the front fence, now by the little run that holds Flat Top and his crew. Sue sent me a photo of one of them while I was away – her title was “More Bloom than Cactus” which is pretty much true if you look at it closely.  It’s a cute little paddle cactus, don’t know what type exactly – just something I moved from somewhere else in the yard.

IMG_5879This shot is of our Ocotillo under the full moon last week. It has never bloomed since we’ve been here. But the rain that we had over the winter seems to have rejuvenated it and it is just getting ready to burst forth with those flaming red blooms they’re so famous for. I looked up Ocotillo to find out where it falls in the cactus vs. succulent arena, but all I could find was that it “wasn’t a true cactus.” There ya go. Fits the “somewhere in between” in my classification system.

IMG_2632Let’s segue into a couple other moon shots. Sue took these two early one morning while investigating a strange light coming from over at the Dinky House. Turns out I just forgot to turn off the new lights in the garage – hey, they’re IMG_2634new! So…. she also saw the moon was beautifully setting through the clouds, just over the hill to the south east of us. She sent me these. I find that moon shots are difficult – especially when taken with a camera phone. The moon always ends up looking smaller than you see it with your eye, the photos are grainy and you always end up disappointed. Then I see photos others have taken and they are amazing. I think I need a special lens for my DSLR. Have to look into that.

IMG_5898Finally, I’m going to leave you with a lesson from Bob. He’s here to tell you that, sometimes, you should absolutely insist on breakfast in bed. Take it from Bob! We have fun here on the Farm. Every day there is beauty to be seen or silly situations to laugh at. We recommend that you visit us sometime to see it for yourself. We’ll even let you take part in the afternoon egg hunts! Seriously – if you’d like to visit, we’d love to see you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!