themeFor a long while now, I’ve been having trouble with content generation. I wonder if this is how pastors sometimes feel when they have to come up with deep meaningful sermons week after week. At least I need neither be deep nor meaningful; however, I really feel that I should have some type of underlying theme for each of these blogs. Theme: an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature. In reality, these blogs aren’t a work of art and they certainly cannot be considered literature by any stretch of the imagination, but – the answer to the question posed in the title?- no. No, there is not a theme. Just a few paragraphs of information about what we’re dong here.

IMG_6045Last week I talked about an alternate project we did instead of finishing the roof over the chicken run. We measured natural roosts for the little coop over at the Goat Boys’ place. We didn’t put them in because we need to still cut out the windows and such and it’ll be easier to put those up without the roosts in the way. Anyway, I took some photos to show you what I meant about “natural roosts”. This photo on the right shows the reworked “best nest box” – it was originally in the RCW, but when the RCW tipped over in high winds, the nest box came free of the wall and crushed a chicken – our only fatality of that horribly scary event. But Sue has been reluctant to put it back into the RCW for fear of the same thing happening. Well, now it has found another home over at the Goat Boy’s place. Sue built a stand for it and we’ve placed it against the brick wall. We were concerned that it’s a bit too high for the little banties to jump up to… hence the tripod oak tree branch. They should really be fine with this set up.

IMG_6048I also have this photo of the overnight roosting branches. I really like the idea of using natural branches as the roosts for the chickens. It’s good for the birds to have varying diameters for their little feet. Over time, it keeps them from getting things like arthritis in their feet. Again, they should really be fine with this set up. It’ll be a very good home for them.

There is my non-themed post for today. I did warn you. I’ll try to do better the next time, thank you for your patience 🙂 . Until next time,
Thank you for reading!