IMG_6051Hello everyone! We hope you all passed a happy Independence day! Ours was quiet, but we did take dessert up to our lovely neighbors and had dessert in their tree house. It was lovely. Sue’s Strawberry Brownie layer cake experiment turned out very well. Yum!

IMG_2684 (1)We did finish one of our incomplete projects yesterday morning. We started first thing in the morning, before it got too hot, or the wind picked up or, or, or. Anyway, we only had two more panels and one rain gutter panel to get up. We did pretty well, although there was a bit of a IMG_2686reach issue. Short ladder, tall roof line at the last, but we jury-rigged it and nobody got hurt! So, there you see the completed  roof line. It provides great shade for the ladies in the afternoon, and they love hanging out under it. It also provides great protection from the wet weather, which I hope we have in abundance soon. It’s nice to make progress no matter how small. Celebrate every triumph, right?!

IMG_6055Nothing deeper than this today. Hope you’re enjoying some sweetness in your life. We can share ours if you need, but you better hurry! Check in with us later in the week. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.