So, if you are an egg customer you know that I’ve been out to California visiting my family for my dad’s 85th birthday. I need to be clear that I wasn’t really “gone fishin”, but we did visit the bay off of Point Loma, where all the large fishing boats come in and out. It was a gorgeous evening, and the dinner we had was so yummy. I’m back now. The whole visit went well, although it never seems enough time, thanks for asking.

Before I left, I tried- and succeeded – in selling all the eggs. I asked several clients to wait until this week for their normal order and then sold all the rest. This allowed Sue to collect eggs all the while I was away and have enough room to store them without breakage. So, this is what I saw when I came home yesterday; beautiful eggs sorted by their lovely colors.

I think our eggs are just gorgeous! They taste really great too! I’d love to offer you the option of purchasing some of them, but – we’re sold out again! Our client list has gotten really long, and that’s wonderful! Our chickens have just been a bit contrary as of late… and sometimes we’re a bit short. Not to mention those ducks! We only have one customer who purchases duck eggs, so we’re usually able to get him some each week. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing smaller and smaller numbers as we get closer and closer to winter.

We do not artificially light our coops in the winter because the chickens need to have time to replenish their bodily resources. This is a natural life rhythm for the chickens – we’ll continue to get a few through winter, but at some point, we’ll just not have enough to sell. These are the cycles that we work with and it’s fine with us. Allowing the chickens to rejuvenate over the winter gives them a longer life. We’ll take that.

This weekend we’re planning our last processing day of the summer. 14 chickens more and then no more until next year. We have done well selling all of our chickens too. This year we’ve added another two chicken customers and they’ve been really receptive. We only have two or three remaining for the year. If this sounds like something you’re interested in for next year, please get your order in now. We’ll be ordering this fall I believe.

Not exactly sure what we’ll have to share with you for the rest of the week, but if anything fun or interesting happens you know we will share it with you here. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.