We do a great deal of tasks, projects, chores, etc. on our own, but sometimes we just need a bit of help. We’re happy to accept help of all types and we’re even more happy when we’re able to help others. Time for some Thank You stories.

Thank you to our neighbors, Lance and Elise, who let us invade their space and pool while they were traveling. It was wonderful to use the pool and pick the vegetables. Really cool. It was great that you asked us. We already need to thank you for so much other help that you’ve given us every since you’ve moved in, and the offers of future assistance, and your general support in so many ways – thank you.

We also thank all of our clients for their continued patronage. You’ve stuck by us through the vagarities of our silly chickens, and when they totally stop laying, you come back to us in the spring. We thank you and we enjoy it when you thank us back! We received this thank you today which made me laugh out loud! This is from Ali, she went out of state for a while to visit family and we kept her husband supplied with eggs. She said that every time she talked to him – he was either eating eggs or hamburger or beans! So happy to have them as part of our Wing Family.

We want to thank our friends who are willing to help out when they can. And then come to help when we change dates on them. Friends like Nicole who, when asked at the last minute to help on processing day, and tried like crazy to find someone who would be able to watch her son so she could. Also family who, when asked, comes up with solutions – Sue’s son, Dustin came up with a processing plan for tomorrow since I’m not at my best for butchering. Thank you all!

We cannot do this work without the support of all of you. We appreciate you so, so much and we want you know this. We have been here four years now and I believe we have accomplished much, have aided those we are able to and have improved the land on which we are living. Sue is feeling a bit discouraged lately, due to some unexpected issues, like – not as much rain during monsoon, way more wind than we ever imagined, some health issues, this year, on my part which kept me from being very helpful this summer (case in point – this processing weekend). But I believe we are making huge strides and, over time, we will continue to do so.

I’ll let you know how things turn out this weekend. Until then, as always~
Thank you for reading.