We haven’t really talked about everyone lately, and we’ve had an addition and some losses to the farm recently. I thought we could do an overall animal roundup today. I also thought it might give me a chance to use this Chicken Scrum photo I’ve been holding on to. This is what it looks like around 2:30 each afternoon when we’re getting ready to pick up eggs – the chickens know that they get a yummy scratch treat and they begin to line up waiting for it at around 2:15… or any time we walk out the door after 12:30!

I suppose we should let you know that Sue’s doggo friend of many years, Bob, passed a bit ago. It’s a very difficult thing to handle when sweet friends go on before you. We miss him very much. To help Sweet Pea not feel so alone, give her a companion to chase squirrels with, and learn to be calm again, Sue has been searching for a friend to rescue/adopt. We’ve been as far south as Nogales and up to Tucson a few times. We’ve not had any luck; the good thing is that animals are finding their forever homes, the bad thing is that people get there before we do!

Recently, Sue mentioned this to our neighbors, George and Donna, and Donna thought she knew of someone looking to home a German Shepherd who was removed from a neglectful home. The next day Sue brought home Grey! He is very sweet and gentle, if a bit skittish. He has had zero attention and no training. He and Sweet Pea are learning to get along and accept each other. He seems quite smart and will blend in with everyone just fine as soon as he feels safe and loved, which is happening even as we speak. Welcome home, Grey!

I also did not let you know that our Ever-Ready Bunny of a chicken, Leggs, passed while I was out in California. She had survived any number of bouts of Bumble Foot and another type of infection, she never slowed down; however, this summer all the ailments caught up with her and she could not recover. We’ve had this problem with a great many of our White Leg Horns… she may have been one of the last of the original Arizona flock. She was a strong lady.

The other Leg Horn, which I’ve dubbed “Wanderer”, has been living her best life out on the free range. We thought she might pal around with Maeve, since they are both allowed to be out in the yard, but she was keeping to herself, until we brought over an Easter Egger from the RCW that was being mercilessly picked on by EVERYONE. They seem to enjoy each other’s company and can be seen wandering around together, or just hanging out in the shade. The EE is a bit leery of Sweet Pea, but I bet once she gets used to both the dogs, we’ll find them all over.

Our other losses had to do with planned processing, so they are actually a freezer gain! As you know, we finished our last batch last weekend and are trying to plan for next year. We may be adding an earlier group so that we can make sure to have enough for those that are ordering and for ourselves. Speaking of ordering – if you are at all interested, we need to know your order by mid October so that we can make sure we can supply it. I can send you an order blank, if you’d like to make a partial pre-payment to help fund the feeding of your chicken(s), we would happily accept that as well 🙂
Looking forward to hearing from you! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!