german shepherdOnce upon a time, there was a young doggo named Grey. That was me. A week ago I was a different dog than I am today; I even have a different name. Different name, different home, different humans, different, different, different. I’m still learning everything that is different. Today I had a whole story in learning something different, let me tell you all about it.

I was rescued 7 days ago by a very nice human, Lady Sue, who petted and petted and loved on me and talked nice to me and everything. Lady Sue had another doggo with her – Sweet Pea – who rode in the car with her, it looked like it might be fun. I wasn’t sure where I was going or if I’d be happy again, but when I arrived at what I would come to think of as my home – everything seemed very nice and relaxed. Sweet Pea wasn’t exactly sure about me (still isn’t in a lot of ways), but was kind of happy to have a new friend. I was surprised that I could stay in the house with everyone; the lady didn’t tie me up to a tree outside and leave me all alone. It was then that I thought I might be ok.

Then, another human, Lady Jo, came home and I was petted and loved on again. Later the ladies fed me! Oh my goodness, it really tasted good and my belly was so full. We went outside a few times, but I was always on the leash. On the leash in the house, on the leash outside, leash, leash, leash. The other lady said that I had been running away and I think they didn’t trust me on my own. Eventually I was let off the leash in the house, that was better. But still, outside = leash, leash, leash. Sheeeesh.

Yesterday and new lady and a very small human came to the house. They let me outside WITHOUT A LEASH! I think they made a mistake, but I didn’t tell them, I was free!!!! I was free until Lady Sue saw me. A man I didn’t know was trying to catch me, but I was scared of him. I finally decided that Lady Sue would protect me, and then – there I was again – on a leash.

Lady Sue told Lady Jo all about the excitement we had. I think they talked about starting to let me go on my own. They said the problem was that I didn’t know some words – and they are right, I’m still learning them – words like “come”, “stay”, “sit”, “lie down”. What do they mean???? I think I’m learning to understand what they mean when they say “come”, sometimes they say it and I go to them and they call me a good boy. I like it when I’m a good boy.

I was getting the hang of everything THEN, they changed my name to “Chase”! At first I was very sure about this change. Why? What? Bu now, wow, I like that name. It makes me feel like a brand new doggo! It is strong! It is fun! It is active! Just like me. I am the good boy, Chase! Except, I guess I wasn’t a good boy today.

This morning, Lady Sue let me go outside WITHOUT A LEASH! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! What fun! I could follow Sweet Pea all around, I could follow Lady Sue as she fed the chickens. I could go watch the trash truck, I could go see the people. All by myself. I could even chase the little white bird in the yard – all by myself. I caught the white bird! Yay! But, no. That was bad. Lady Sue said “NO!” I let go a bit, then thought maybe she was talking to another doggo, so I picked it up again, just to be sure. “No!” Ok, I drops the bird. It looked ok to me. Lady Sue put me in the house. I think that was the end of my WITHOUT days. I was excited and a bit scared. It was a story morning!

Lady Sue came back in the house and said I was still a good boy. Phew! I will try hard every day. I will learn the rules. I will find out what is different and I will be a good boy. Now, I’m tired and I think I’ll lie down on this soft bed and take a nap.

This evening I had a fun meeting. I made a new friend. He brought me a card and a present (that I’m very afraid of) and some treats. He is a good boy. His name is Abe and he lives in the “neighborhood” – whatever that is. I think it means he lives pretty close. I like him. We peed at each other – it was great. Here is my letter from Abe. Lady Sue had to read it to me because I can’t read yet. Maybe they will help me write something back. What a day. Think I will sleep some more. That is my story today. Night, night.