Last time I said we’d talk about something more project oriented. So here we are. We started a project yesterday that will last several months, but I thought I’d give you the first steps that we took…

We’ve always known that we wanted to cover the coop run with edible fruiting vines. We’ve only just now have gotten to a place where we could begin planning that stage. Mostly we’d like to plant grapes to grow over it and give the chickens (and us) something to munch on. We want to allow the plants to grown down into the dirt over time, as well as have a large container, above ground, in which to get started. We’ve looked and looked, but found nothing that really meets our needs. So, we decided to make our own!

Sue created a form for us to use. This photo shows the outside portion, there is also a square that goes in the middle. Sue dug it in to the ground a little bit. While she did that I caulked the corners of the inside of the outside and the outside of in the inside. That make sense, right? Below is the inside. Sue screwed in 2×2’s in the corners to give it more stability against the concrete as it dries.

Because we have many voracious gophers, we added welded avian wire at the bottom, which will be embedded into the walls of the container. We no longer plant anything, anywhere, with out the protection of a wired shield of some sort.
The next step was to oil the inside of the outside and the outside of the inside, in the hope that the cement will release more easily when it is time. You can see how the wood just sucked it up!

Of course, we had to continually shoo away the fluffy butts who wanted to get into the newly dug up dirt around the planter. They always have to get their little beaks and feet into everything.

The fluffy butts nosing in!

Not only can you see the nosy little ones there, come to interfere, but you can also see how the form looks ready for concrete. We used all the concrete we had and ended up buying more. We now estimate that it may take 8 bags for each container. We are going to let the container cure for at least a week before we take off the form. Them we’ll have the great revealing! Over all, we plan to make 6 of these – three on each side of the coop. That’ll provide great coverage and shade. It’s also the reason I say it will take a few months to finish. We’ll see how everything comes together.

As you know, we’ll always take you along with us! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!