“Reptiles have silly grins
Dark eyes–shiny teeth–some have fins
Samurai they smile never
Serious–pretty swords–very clever”

Any Oingo Boingo fans out there? They were one of my first concerts as a teenager — loved them! However, now whenever I hear the word “reptile” these lyrics go through my head. (I’ll put a link to the song at the end.) Sue doesn’t get these references when I make them, she just looks at me and shakes her head, who can blame her? Where am I going with this? Not sure, but I have been going through photos and discovered we see lots of of reptiles.

We see them, the dogs chase them, the cats chatter at them; it is a regular daily occurrence. Here is Morgrim intently watching a little Chuckwalla on the window screen. They hang out on the porch a lot. Which means that we are relatively free of spiders and bugs. It also means we find our Road Runners on the porch, sometimes; they enjoy hunting Chuckwallas.

We’ve had our fair share of rattlers this summer – let me tell you! Just last week there was another one in the coop run. He was curled up right by one of the chicken feeders. It was a very cold morning and he wasn’t moving. Sue used the snake stick and picked him up with his whole body still coiled… he made no sound. A few days before that, there was one in the dove enclosure. We moved that one too. The most recent snake was one we called “crooked tail”. He has been spotted at the goats, at the RCW, all over the property. He’s the first photo below, the dove snake is the 2nd. Can you see them?

Have you noticed, ever, how dinosaur-y chickens are? They really have lizard skin on their feet, and odd little knobbies on their heads. I see similarities more and more.

I was trying to get a closer photo of the lizard head, because it so looks like a shield on his little head. Just like the the chicken head.

Ok that’s really all the reptile photos that we have. I think I’m trying to make something out of nothing here. We’ll see what you think. We’ll also see what we can get into for next time. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Here’s Oingo Boingo for you…. enjoy!