Tomorrow is the 2nd Sunday in the season of Advent. I suppose the Christmas season is going to go as quickly as the rest of this year seemed to. We blinked and it was December. How is such a thing possible? It may be better than dragging along slowly during a pandemic. Perhaps others’ year has poked along, not ours though.

Last Saturday, mom and I took a drive up to Civano Nursery in Tucson and picked out another live tree for this year. We thoroughly examined all of them and picked out one of the best, for its size, that would fit in mom’s car. It’s a nice little tree, but they put it in the bucket crooked! Today, Sue pulled it into the house for me – much to the dismay of the little birds on the porch who enjoyed hiding in it for this past week. We had to put blocks under the bucket on one side so it would be sort of straight. Ah well, it looks pretty good for a pandemic tree.

Over the next few days, there will be more decorating and more Christmas music, and more gifts appearing under the tree. It could be much the same at your home. For tonight I think we’re content to sit in the glow of the Christmas Tree lights and watch “The Mandalorian”. Tomorrow I’ll work on putting away the fall to make way for winter. Maybe I’ll turn our Cinderella pumpkin into holiday pumpkin bread. Then put out the French Creche and Sue’s white bisque creche and all the others we’ve both collected over the years. I did threaten to add Sue’s crystal deep sea diver figures into the manger scene… she wasn’t very appreciative of my avant guard ideas. 🙂 Perhaps we’ll share more Christmas merriment as we go along. Feel free to share yours with us as well! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.