You know that Sue is always working on projects, right? This past week, she moved up the Ranada Inn. There’s always a story right? Here we go…

One night, recently, when Sue was walking Chase before bed – or was it early in the morning while it was still dark? I can’t remember, but the point is, there was a Skunk in the Ranada Inn! The chickens didn’t realize it until the light from Sue’s flash-light swept across the Inn. Then they couldn’t believe what they saw! Sue let them all out, the skunk ran away, then she had to corral them all back in because it was dark. This all made Sue want to raise up the Inn and put chicken wire on the bottom.

So, one morning, Sue stood the Inn on it’s side, put on the struts, and wired it up with chicken wire. Dad was here, so he was able to help hold the 2×4’s in place while Sue screwed them in. Mom and I must have been off shopping!

Then she set it down on some hay bales to raise it up off the ground. This will keep the chickens up out of harms way.

The final edition was this stepping stone for Mr. P. He felt it was a bit too far to jump up there. He doesn’t seem to be having any problems getting inside, so much be working fine. On warm days, the chickens enjoy hanging out underneath int he shade. Eventually, we’ll get some cinder blocks and set the Inn on them a bit more permanently. Sue was just mentioning to me today that she hasn’t seen the skunk, nor evidence of the skunk, in the last few days. Perhaps he has moved along to more welcoming pastures.

That’s the story for today. We’ll have more later, I’m sure. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!