We had snow, Sunday we’re expecting rain… but more and more and I am feeling it is project weather! You know that we always have projects. We’ve accomplished a few, started others, Rhiann completed one while she was here and then Trent finished another just this Monday. So, as the sun rises and the sun sets become more and more beautiful, our weather warms and the days lengthen, more and more projects get placed on the list. Following is an update on the most current.

This is — not the best photo of one of the projects we completed prior to the snow. The goat boys had slowly demolished their extra tall fencing. They sure like to climb. A large part of it was pulled completely off around the area by their little house. We had been having difficulty with coyotes, as you know if you’re a regular reader, so we didn’t want to give the baddies any easy ways in. So we took a morning and untangled the fencing and wired it right back up. The goats, of course, watched us very closely every step of the way.

Little Thumper was not really happy that the fence went back up so nicely. This is his disappointed face.

A while back, when I was rearranging the bedroom to make it better suited to my folks visit, I knocked all of the cd’s out of their case. Actually, I knocked the cases all over and the cd littered the living room floor. My friends Holly and Ryan came over and helped me put things aright, but we didn’t have the opportunity to re organize. So I just put them back all willy nilly. While Rhiann was visiting, she graciously organized all the movies by genre and made them flow from one category into another. Thank you Rhiann!!!

This is the project that is currently in process. That day-glow orange line represents where a trench will be dug for a waterline to go all the way up to the area where we will plant the olive trees. Sue has laid out the line, but she really can’t do it without a spotter. Somewhere along here, there is a water line that runs to the dinky house – someone needs to spot when she digs. That’s the last thing we need, is to accidentally dig up the water line. So we’ll work on that a day that I can be around.

This is the final project. Trent helped us by adding a porch on to the south end of main coop. He did a phenomenal job, as always. This is a photo of the start, when he dug the holes and set the main posts. He let that cure for a week.

This is the finished product. Now we look like an old west coop. Just need to get a coat of paint on the raw wood and we’ll be good to go. We might actually put another couple boards up on the wind break, because, right now, it doesn’t block quite enough. Today Sue placed straw bales at the ends to help block more of the wind. The chickens were having a grand time scratching on them. They may not last very long.

We’re so thankful to have found Trent, he does everything! And does it well! He even came to replace our stove top that cracked out of the blue. There’s not way we could have done that ourselves. Thanks to everyone who supports us! Thanks to the neighbors and friends who help with our hair brained schemes, plans and ideas. This continues to be a family adventure and you are all a part of our family! My goal over the coming months is to improve on my blogging frequency. We’ll see how that works out! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!