I spoke prematurely a couple of days ago when I said that the weather had been mild and it felt like the beginning of project weather. This graph is of our wind yesterday evening. Not exactly mild. It really wasn’t the best day to being our planting, but that is what we ended up doing.

We began the planting day by putting our Christmas Tree in its permanent position in the tree line. It looks good in its new home. We put it in the line up for the wind break… then we got wind. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Poor little thing didn’t know what it was getting into. We’re hoping it fares better than the last one.

When we were done with that, I thought it’d just take a few minutes to stick a few flowers in the ground, since we were making it a planting day. The wind had died down a bit and clouds had come over – I thought if I had to worry about anything, it’d be rain. I am hoping to get some flowers in and blooming so when the bees really begin searching in earnest, they’ll have something to work with other than chicken feed.. So, since the narcissus are already blooming in the St. Francis garden, I added sweet alyssum, petunias, and dianthus. I planted them in a wire trough so that, perhaps, the gophers will leave them alone for a bit. I had some left over, along with a pony pack of violas, so I also refreshed the gabion gardens and the wheel barrow.

The final task, was planting the greens in a quarter of the circle stone garden. Greens for us and the chickens, plus broccoli and one cabbage. Planted, watered, encouraged to grow. THEN – the little birds descended en masse. They wanted to eat and eat and eat them. At that point the wind became much more than a breeze. The birds left for the shelter of the trees and the little plants began their fight against the wind. Perhaps not the best day for planting.

Luckily the wind gave way to rain in the early hours and the plants had a mostly bluster free day today. I’m hoping that they have enough time to become established before the next time we have a huge wind storm. Perhaps I’ll give it a few more days before planting out again. We’ll see how well we read the portends going forward. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!