If you follow our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/WAAP2), then you may have seen this photo when it was uploaded this morning. The post said something about having a great day when your breakfast smiles at you. So, unfortunately this little portend showed its “face” this morning after we had already started a difficult day. Maybe the eggs were telling us, “don’t worry, things’ll get better.” Is it kind of like reading tea leaves? I break four eggs in a bowl in the morning and I can see where the day is going? Hmmmm what are the odds? Let’s review the day.

Day starts at midnight, right? Well, at midnight we were experiencing 70 mph wind gusts. Do you see the 3 at 80 or over between 10 and 11? That was the night last night. I never really sleep well on these nights. About 1am it slacked down to around 35 mph and stayed under 40 for the rest of the morning. Until…

…things started picking up again at 7am. See that spike up to 50 mph right before 7am? Then look at where it went around 7:30 – over 70 mph! At that very moment, Sue was on a ladder trying to screw down the roofing on the new coop porch. Don’t worry – I was holding the ladder! But the wind was, not only a periodic gale, but also bitingly cold. Not at all how we thought the day would begin. Unfortunately, our handyman, Trent – whom we love in general – elected to NOT use the roofing screws Sue purchased, but simple screws that were extra long. He doesn’t understand the wind that we have here in our little patch. So the corrugated roofing panels just lifted right off over the top of those screws. We took about a half hour just adding screws to the panels so nothing would fly off in the horrid winds. Geesh. Whatevs.

You know how else you can tell it has been an exceedingly windy day, I mean if you don’t have access to sophisticated graphs from your own personal weather station (snark)? You will know when you look out the kitchen window and see the geese down the driveway by the front gate. When you see that, you know that the fence has blown down. This is the first time, in our history here, that Roma and Octave have been out wandering. They are so funny to watch as they walk around all stately and proud. Their sojourn didn’t last very long and soon they put themselves back in. Guess it was too far way from their beloved pools.

The real drag with the wind (see what I did there?) is that it forces a down day. There is nothing we can get done outside at all. Not in wind like that – it’s so very hard to get just the regular chores completed. This morning I picked up several waterers to fill and lost one to the wind before I could anything in it. Luckily Sue found it later, caught in a fence. The wind just makes things too difficult. We are hoping that, now the rain has left San Diego, our winds will be calm for a time. Really have stuff that needs to get done and it’s all outside!!! We’ll keep you informed on the situation as it blows along. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!