…of execution. That’s what has happened today. To the left you see the sun dawning on a good day for the roosters that were scheduled for the pot today. That white stuff on the ground is our third snow of the year. I guess it made it over the mountains from California. The wind sure blew enough to get it here!

It was just 32° early this morning. It was terribly windy. It was snowing, for goodness sake. Not a day to try and process chickens, let me tell you.

As I’m typing this out at 12:37, there are snow flurries falling. Not constantly, and it’s too warm to stick, but they continue off and on. Between the blue sky and the low clouds we are showered with little, dry snow flakes. Sometimes they are so small, it feels like being dusted with powered sugar. doesn’t seem to bother the chickens though. If it starts coming down heavily, they run to shelter, but mostly they’re out and scratching around. Sue said that, when she let them out of the coop this morning, they all ran out the door, but came to an abrupt halt as their overhang gave way to snow on the ground. Can you imagine it? Wonder what was going through their little dino brains, “What is this white stuff? Can we eat it? Does it hurt us? Nope. Well, ok then….”

Well, ok then. We’re huddled in the house watching movies and contemplating making pizzas. What does your Saturday hold for you? Our roosters are enjoying their best life today. Hope you’ll be doing the same. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.