We have little ones coming. Well – we have little ones. Chicks that is. Sue has been spending time, nesting – so to speak.

Over the last week or so, Sue has cleaned out both sides of the coop and the top brooder. Well, she also added new straw to the RCW, but they are not getting new chicks. I suppose it could still be considered nesting. The chickens LOVE it when they get new straw. The only bad thing is that they get sooo excited and a good deal ends up outside the doors. You know, from all the scratching and romping around. The brooder gets new wood chips before the chicks come; they’d get lost in straw! Plus, sometimes they try to eat it and can choke.

Here is their set-up. For the first week or so, they get a pee pad on top of the chips where the water and food are, it helps contain the mess and gives them a little bit more stability underfoot. Aren’t they so cute and fluffy? They are our first batch of meat birds for the season. There are a few more than the four you can see here. We’re doing four batches this year instead of three. All have been sold already. Amazing. We’re still experiencing very cold nights and not so warm days, so these little guys have three lights on them right now. We’re hoping that will keep them nice and warm.

Next week, I believe, we will be getting some ducks and some geese. They are going to be simply adorable! We’ll share photos with you when they get here – whenever they arrive. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!