I have a few bits and pieces to share, well – maybe only bits. The pieces might not come until later. But we did do some bits of our projects this weekend.

Yesterday we were able to work on the Goat Boys’ enclosure so that we can move the Red Wanderer, the Brown Wanderer, and the new Buff Orpingtons over to the Goat’s coop. We put poultry netting (Like this photo to the right) around the goats’ fence so that the chickens wouldn’t be able to get out and become tempting tidbits for the coyotes. It had started to become windy, so it was easier for us to work together. Took a couple of hours to get it to a point of security that we both thought would work. We’re hoping to move them soon. We need to get some of the chickens out of the main coop because it is getting a bit crowded in there. Plus, these guys are just wreaking havoc in my flower beds and garden. I’m hoping that they are finding all sorts of bugs and good things. AND I hope they continue their inquisitive nature when they’re making pals with the Goat boys.

After that, and a break for water and to blow our noses, we spent some time with the little ones taking care of pasty butt. I won’t bore you with photos of that, we’ve shared them in the past. We had about 6 out of 24 chicks with pasty butt. We took good care of them, and they are still doing well today! Right as we finished, our neighbors and friends, Elise and Lance, brought the birds some broccoli plants from their winter garden that were done producing. Everyone pounced on them. We only found one stalk that remained from the bag full of plants that she brought. Nice! They were very happy. Not sure what this week holds, my folks are coming out on Wednesday to spend Easter with us, so I’m sure we’ll have some fun things to report! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!