When we figure out how many meat birds we’re going to sell during the summer, Sue figures out when and how many chicks to order to give us time to raise them without too much overlap since we only have a few spaces to raise them. For this year, she also wanted to add our water-babies to the mix, so she did a lot of figuring to fit them in and made sure we had time and space to let them grow up. Unfortunately, they did NOT arrive when promised, so there’s been some amount of finagling to give them their space. You saw the very cool external brooder she made, but they are growing so quickly there was apartment swapping that needed to happen.

The first batch of meat birds are now “the teens”. They spend their days moving from the feed to the water. They are big enough now that they don’t need a heat lamp – they generate their own heat! They have access to the outside and spent this morning in the breezes while Sue cleaned out the bottom brooder and the hall space. So here they are in their new environment.

The ducks and geese were then moved into the brooder section. They got a bigger waterer and feeder too. Hopefully they will no longer be getting everything drenched! When they are a little bit bigger, they will have direct access to the outside and will be able to, perhaps, get in and out of a little pond. For now, everyone seems to be quite happy. The little, littles are still in the upper brooder and have a couple of weeks before they are too big to be in there; hopefully the ducks and geese will be much bigger (given their rate of growth now) and we can graduate them to the hall way. The hall space will be vacated by the meat birds; their processing day will be on the 15th of this month. Then we should be good with the remaining schedule.

Who knew there was so much planning involved? We need project managing software – or maybe just a good flow chart on a white board. Maybe next time. Tomorrow we hope to get into digging mode with the tractor. Last weekend the wind was horrid and you don’t want to be digging a ditch in 80+ winds. Right now the winds are just averaging 10mph, which is ok to work with. Actual speed at this very moment is 2mph. We had a pretty good gust at 2:26 this afternoon – 53mph – but that was the highest. It is very difficult to predict from one day to the next. I’ll update you tomorrow evening. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!