…foiled again! I told you that we wanted to do some work on the water line to the trenches where the olive trees are going to be planted. We were hoping to do back hoe work yesterday, but the wind had other ideas. We’ll try again on Tuesday.

Doing any type of tractor work in the wind is horrible – but back hoe work in the wind is the worst! So, we went and had lunch with our friend George from church (no, not George Mussen, our other friend George from church :0).) It was lovely. So, since our weekend was rather relaxing, I thought I’d wish the same for you all. Especially the mothers. Sue took a few flower photos to share with you all, just in time for your day. I especially like the red roses – almost forming a heart there in their cluster.

Wishing all our lady followers a Happy Mother’s day. Even if you don’t have biological children, you are mothering someone, or some creature – wise words from my own mother. Take it easy and enjoy the day. We’ll be in touch again. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.