We accomplished a HUGE thing this Tuesday, but it can be summed up in a minimum of words – not really “total post” worthy. So, given that, I was thinking of a potpourri of a blog post today. Shall we?

Tuesday ended up being processing day! It was so incredibly calm in the early morning, it was almost eerie. We got going around 8:40a.m., with the first chicken, and by the time we were all done and cleaned up, with the chickens resting in the fridge prior to freezing, it was 6:30p.m.! That is an incredibly long, hard day. We processed 15 chickens that day – the mean weight being 5.7lbs. It’s a lot to do in one day, we’re currently reviewing the process to figure out how we can do it over two days so as not to completely kill ourselves in one day. As of now, the chickens are all in the freezer awaiting delivery on Tuesday morning. Yay! Done.

Next little tidbit in our potpourri is this little early morning scene starring Maeve. Sue told me that this has become a regular part of the morning routine. As Sue puts everything in the wheelbarrow to take it over to the Goats’ chickens and the RCW, Maeve hops up and begs a handful of greens with oats from the day’s rations. She is so little, the biggies always chase her away. Sue takes a few moments and gives her treats by hand. Then Maeve is able to start the day quite happy. It’s the small things, right?

Then, there’s the daily drama. This was our sight from our front row seats to the Border Patrol action on Thursday. I thought the copter was going to land in our field! He sure terrified all the chickens! It was a major take down, right across the street from us. We had four BP trucks and couple “plain clothes” cars and a Sherriff. I swear one of the guys that got out of the cars had a vest on that said DEA – could have been my imagination, but I don’t think so. Who needs Police Procedurals when we’ve got this in our back yard?! A few days ago, they had the dogs out on the mountain at night trying to head off a large group. Unfortunately, we’re becoming a rather big drug corridor. I am glad we have a large presence of law enforcement.

Death of an Anemometer

Yesterday Sue sent me a text that said, “The wind vane broke off of its mount.” Oh My Goodness!!! Here is a screen shot of its death. Just before it died, it withstood 83mph gust, quickly followed by 72mph gust. Then you can see it falling off its mount, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” and then that flat red line along the zero as it landed on the cold hard ground, breaking one of its wind scoops and coming to a quiet, immobile end. <Sniff> Luckily we can purchase additional weather units. Now we need one for the rain AND the wind. I’ll get those as soon as I have the extra $$.

I cannot complete a potpourri of our week without adding an adorable photo of the water babies. Here they are, so much bigger than they were last week. Now three can barely fit in their little bath tub; if the two geese are in at the same time, another duck is taking its life in its hands getting in with them. They are still pretty fun to watch though. They are learning to walk, in spite of their huge feet! Sometimes they get out of rhythm, though, and trip themselves. Then hop up and look around to see who is watching. Just me!

That makes up our weekly potpourri! Not very smelly, but definitely a varied collection. I certainly hope you are enjoying your weekend. I know Sue has a list of projects to complete, so do I – it just depends on how the weather behaves, or doesn’t. I’ll figure out something to write about. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!