I think I spend as much time looking for title photos as I do writing blogposts. Nothing went with my acronym up top which, in my little pea brain, stands for Weird World of Weather. It is Summer here, definitely, since we are hitting the high 80’s low 90’s every day now. However, we were once again thwarted by unanticipated winds today. They just do whatever the heck they want, with absolutely no regard for our plans at all! You may be able to guess this next statement — we did not process meat birds today as planned; average wind speed today is 21, gusting to over 40 much too often. “So, what did you do?”, you ask.

Well… we had a great Saturday breakfast of huevos rancheros with avocado and a side of hash browns. YUM! Then we talked about the options. We decided that the best thing to do was to get the ducks and geese outside, let them bath, while Sue cleaned out the bottom brooder and other interior spaces. The ducks and geese have spilled their water over and over and it was getting ripe and not drying out. So, we readied their bath.

Oh my goodness! Aren’t they adorable??? But you can see how much they’ve grown since the last bath photos. They all used to be able to fit into the bath tub, but now there’s only room enough for three of them at a time. They tried four at a time, but then they couldn’t move around… they worked it out and took turns swimming. Pretty darn cute.

While the water babies were having fun, Octave just couldn’t stand it! He kept trying to get into the area, once actually succeeded. Sue had to come and get him while I tried to keep the babies out of harms way. I looked over and saw Octave checking us out. I took a few photos of him, and laughed when I looked at them later. Here they are in a rather funny order.

I didn’t want to make it that big, but I can’t get it or the others any smaller. But, I did make a video of them this afternoon. Thought I’d share it with you here. That’ll be at the end of this post. Ok, so this is the first time I’ve tried to make a little show with music and everything… it’s not the best – so, don’t judge me. Don’t worry, the music is not copyrighted and is played by Sue, recorded by me. It is Prelude in C Major (BWV 933) by Bach. Hope you enjoy. So now I have to say my tag line. “Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!” (well, it looks like it came through a bit pixelated… have to work on that – apologies.)