No! Not Sauerkraut, Sour Crop. We have a case of sour crop in one of our chickens. Sour crop is an ailment that we’ve only had to deal with once before. With the first incident, we were able to cure just fine. Not so sure with this one.

Sour crop is what happens when the chicken’s crop cannot empty completely. The food literally ferments, and causes a horrible yeast infection in their crop. This is also known as Chicken Thrush. What we have to do is hold the chicken upside down and make them regurgitate anything that remains in the crop. Trying to get everything that may be sour out. Let me tell you – it is one of the worst smelling things you will ever encounter.

After everything is out of the crop, we give her yogurt. Via dropper at this point, but the enzymes and good bacteria will help her fight of the yeast infection. Her prognosis is made a bit murky because she has a pendulous crop. Which means she’s having difficulty emptying her crop all they way. We’ll do our best to help heal her and get her back on real food. This might take a few days and I’m not too sure we’ll be able to completely fix the issue. We always try though. I’ll let you know what happens. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!