This weekend there were quite a few little discoveries, good an bad, but you know… interesting little tid bits that make you go “hmmm” or “wow!” – Want to know what they were?

Thought I start off by sharing something pretty and fun. This red rose is “Mr. Lincoln”. One of my very favorites, and Sue likes red. Found this at Walmart in February for $1.99. It came back amazingly well. This is the very first flower and it is just lovely. Not bad, eh? It was a fun discovery.

Saturday I walked the waterline in the north west orchard. Just to make sure that everything was working ok because a couple of the trees weren’t looking all that great, and we’ve had some horrific winds this spring. I found that we may have, indeed lost one of our chestnut trees. It had been blown over once and we righted it, re-staked it and hoped for the best. It looks quite dead, but perhaps it will come back from the root. I didn’t change it’s water emitters in the hopes that it does just that. Sad discovery.

HOWEVER- I did see that several of the chestnuts actually have catkins this year!!! That’s one of the biggest steps towards actual chestnuts! GREAT discovery!

Here’s a speed list of some other discoveries this weekend. The pickled beets were actually pretty good. Chase (the dog) can take the head off a stuffed rabbit in two days just because he wants to get that squeaky thing. Ducks and geese can empty their pond in 8 hours. Our goats are dumb and continually get their heads stuck in the fence (twice in one day, same goat). Chickens will play in the mud almost as much as ducks and geese. And… I can’t think of anything else.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. We remember and honor those who “gave their last full measure of devotion” so that we could live freely. If you have lost family members in service to our country, we also thank you.