Isn’t that what people always ask when the weather begins creeping upwards of the high 90’s? Well, my answer is always, “Yes, yes it is.”

Due to the extreme heat, we haven’t done much of anything outside of regular everyday chores. Yesterday we had our friend elise and Lance down for a breakfast of sourdough pancakes. That was fun. Discovered that my sourdough starter had depleted itself over the last few years. The pancakes were ok, but the bread that I attempted to make was a total bust.

What do you do with not so great sourdough bread? You make Panzanella of course. The photo at the right is not my photo, not my salad, but it is Panzanella. It’s made with stale bread, tomatoes, onions, herbs and spices. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar ties it all together. Usually you make it a day ahead so all the flavors can meld – but I made it and we ate it same day. It wasn’t bad, and I know that it’ll be better tomorrow.

Well, that truly is the biggest things we did. Sue worked burning up the keys of the organ and piano at church, so someone did something productive. This whole week is going to horrid hot – so there may not be much more going on. Whatever happens, we’ll report on it later. Until then, stay cool, and as always~
Thanks for reading!