We were finally successful in processing the last bunch of meat birds. We are doing two more batches; I think that all we’ve tagged for sale are sold. So that’s always good news.

Hopefully, we’re going to be successful in our monsoon season too. We’ve had quite a few days of heavy cloud, but no rain. (Who get’s the Sting reference?) I took this photo yesterday as we went to to put everyone in for the night. It was amazing to see that very distinct delineation between storm and not storm. It was beautiful. As I write this, a lightening storm is surrounding us. No rain. Keep those prayers coming – they are working!

This morning we were successful in setting up an area for the water babies – who aren’t such babies any longer. They were outgrowing their indoor/outdoor section of the brooder and really needed an intermediate step before they joined the general population. They needed to be in amongst the adult geese and ducks and chickens, yet safe from getting attacked. We put up a temporary fence which enclosed an area with the original green coop and one of the maple trees, so they’d have shade and shelter. They were a bit skeptical about their new space, but eventually started to explore and even swim in the pool. This evening we successfully corralled them all into the green coop to spend the night. Poor babies are experiencing their first thunder and lightening in their new home. What a night for them! Of course, I forgot to take photos of any of this – we’ll try to get some action shots over the next few days.

That brings us up to date for the moment. Tomorrow Sue is planning on cleaning out the bottom brooder and then moving the littles from the top to the bottom so they can have more room as well. They’ll be happier. After that, not sure where we’ll be. If it ends up being interesting, you know we’ll share it with you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!