Well, maybe not technically random. If you were in my brain right now you’d see why I’d consider the thoughts random. I suppose I consider them random because they just bubble to the top. Brain is rather spacey lately.

How spacey? Let me give you a some examples. Granted, they are from today, but it’ll give you a good idea of what I’ve been having to deal with. This morning, I had to deliver 10 broiler chickens to a customer in Sierra Vista. I also had to deliver some eggs to a customer at the church office. I remembered the chickens, but I got all they way into town before I remembered the eggs. Ok, not so bad – not really. BUT THEN, I had a customer who picks up eggs from us directly. She was coming at 6pm. I knew it, Sue knew it. We talked about it this morning, “We can’t forget that Gloria’s coming at 6.” Guess what? We totally forgot! Luckily Gloria only lives up the block and she’s very forgiving. We’ll try tomorrow and see what happens. Geesh.

In other news. Sue has been working on making things ready for our next batch of meat chicks. Teens are now on the floor on the brooder side. You already know that we moved the water babies out. This morning Sue cleaned out the top brooder and is making it ready for the chicks that should be coming by the end of the week. They are always so cute when they first get here. I’ll share picks.

On the monsoon front, we’ve actually received rain over the last few days. It wasn’t very measurable, but it was still rain. We are hoping that we will continue to get more and more! This photo (not mine) was taken yesterday. It’s is always so amazing when you can see the storms cells from afar. If I could guarantee days that we’d have spectacular storms, I’d invite you over! We can watch the lightening and rain from the covered porch. Currently, below is the view from either side of the house. Surrounded on all sides.

Well, we can’t guarantee anything, but we can invite you to visit. If you’re planning on traveling, just make sure you remind us repeatedly, so we don’t forget you’re coming ;). We’ll continue to share our monsoon experience with you over the season. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!