So, we’ve been watching quite a bit of spy and war shows and/or movies – you know – NCIS, Seal Team, Jason Bourne, etc. You know how the military or other Alphabet agencies shorten everything, like “SitRep”? Well, I’m getting in the groove with our title. Stands for Weekend Job. We’ve had a couple.

This was our morning weekend job on Saturday. The fence around the RCW was mostly buried in straw and dirt. Plus the fencing had been stretched out and some of the posts had been broken or toppled over. We pulled the hay away from the fencing to the center of the run so the chickens could have fun sifting through it. We also pulled up any of the green grass tufts so they wouldn’t short out the fence. It took about three and an half hours.

This was our end result. Fencing upright and tied down and anchored. Grass chopped out of the way. Everything ship shape. Funny, I don’t think the chickens even cared we spent so much time giving them a much better enclosure. Silly things. What do they know?

This was our second weekend job. It’s that time of year when the Russian Thistle (aka Tumble Weeds) are at their peak of ripeness – before they go to seed. So, we did our first large harvest of the season. You know I’m joshing, right? We did end up with a truck load, which we dumped into the leaf/brush circle to compost. I’m sure more and more will make their way there.

The final weekend job was mind. I really needed to tackle the mock orange bushes at the side of the house. They grew like crazy this month! So, while Sue was still at church this morning, I decided to neaten them up. Below are the before, during, and after shots. One day I’m thinking I’ll get an electric hedge trimmer and make the job a bit easier. I’m not that great at getting them even just using the bypass pruners. Ah well… good enough, and we can see over them now! Also, you can see the new growth from this year that remains; there is a definite light green line above the darker growth from last year. I didn’t really see that until after I took the photo.

Well, there you have it; our overview of the WeJobs this week. We’ll have more in the future I’m sure. We’ll try to come up with something to share with you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!